Free Slots Cleopatra

If we move into the history of ancient Egypt and river Nile we will notice that Cleopatra was among one of the most fascinating rulers of the ancient world. Though her reign dates back to early years BC but still she is among the most well known and more amazing. Moreover she is also the most popular theme of modern day slot machines.

She was known to be the best gambler who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She used to take full advantage of her natural beauty. She also had a liaison with Julius Caesar and had a son with him. Her reign as Pharaoh ended with the death of Julius Caesar which also marked the end of the Hellenistic Era and also beginning of the Roman Era. This mysterious lady was the last Pharaoh of Egypt and also captivated the hearts of many script writers.

Places to Play Free Slots Cleopatra

If one is living in North America then the best place to play free Cleopatra Slots is Club USA Casino. This online casino is also open for the Canadians too who are generally blocked from other Cleopatra Slots sites. There have been many updates of free Cleopatra slots. These are: Cleopatra Slots II, Cleopatra Slot Mega jackpots (variations of the Land based Versions), and Cleopatra Queen of Egypt Slots.

Popular Slot Game

Cleopatra is among one of the most popular slot games that can be played online. In the game of Cleopatra the wild symbol is a graphic version of Cleopatra and the scatter symbol is basically the sphinx that is used in the games. For the bonus game there has to be initialization by three sphinx symbols. After winning three sphinxes up to 15 free spins and a bonus is offered that is up to the three times the award. In this you are provided with a screen that has three royal boxes and then you need to select one so that you can find out the number of the free spins that you have earned. The most exciting feature of this slot game is whenever you win the game, and then Cleopatra speaks herself. Generally, it's a 5-reel slot game that has 20-paylines.

Those who are newcomers to the game try their hands on the free Cleopatra slots games so that they can gain experience. These generally act as stepping stones that help to move on with the real time cash games and help to win prizes and bonus. Free Cleopatra slots games can be played according to budget and interests. There are different rates available ranging from around 1p to £5.

Besides this, free monopoly slots can also be played. The updated version of Cleopatra slots has been named as Cleopatra II that retains all the features as well as the symbols of the old game and offers much more features. This new game offers a 2x Wild symbol. Prize money can be doubled by the players with the symbol. But there is a maximum limit for winning the jackpot which is £50,000.