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Welcome! To Free Cleopatra Video Slots! There is nothing that grabs your attention more than a video, at least for most of us. At Free Slots Cleopatra, we have brought the Queen to life with videos on most theme-based slots with Cleo in them. What’s the fascination? Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt and, as such, she ruled with confidence, used her power wisely or unwisely (depending upon history’s perspective), and is still popular today. There have been movies, books, and even online sites devoted solely to this historic Queen. To this end, we thought it would be a great idea to devote an entire site to slot games with Cleopatra taking the title and/or making an appearance in slot games using a video format. We have developed a chart listing all the Cleopatra Slots available to US Players; where you can play them; and why this fascination with her make these slots so special. We have also listed the Best Cleopatra Casinos, The Best Cleopatra Slots, and information you may find useful in your quest to play nothing but Cleopatra Slots. Take a look at our Cleopatra Video and see for yourself why this woman is still “the talk of the town.” She is one of the more interesting characters in history and, no doubt, will remain so. We invite you to visit and enjoy the video as well as the information we have provided for your online casino enjoyment.

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